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nice to see you and welcome to my blog.

IMG_20171209_181042_199My name, or rather nickname, is Lo. I got this one a couple of years ago and have grown quite fond of it over the years, so Lo it is and Lo loves books (Duh!). That’s why I decided to create my own blog. I needed a platform where I could talk about books, review books, and look up why I liked/ didn’t like a specific book in the first place. Furthermore, I studied German and English and hold a Master’s degree. I’d love to do my PhD as well, but the money is short, so maybe I’ll have the opportunity in a couple of years. My lifelong dream, however, is to write books for a living.

My favourite genres are: literary fiction, young adult, non-fiction, and – well – classics (even though classics is not really a genre, but you know what I mean. I just really enjoy the old stuff).

On my blog, most of my reviews are in English. Books, however, that have only been published in German will be reviewed in German. Those reviews are marked with [GER].

I’m also a member of Netgalley.

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