I’m all books, music, and tea.

Hi, my name is Lo. Lo obviously is just my nickname, but I really like it. I’m in my tweenties and live in Germany. In about two months I’ll be finally graduating college — hopefully with a M. Ed. degree. In October I 1753652handed in my master’s thesis about the First World War in children’s literature and in December 2017 I have to defend it.


Instead of continuing my training as a teacher, I’ll be trying to become an author next year. That means getting a job that helps me to survive but also leaves me enough time to write. I’m giving myself a year to accomplish what I’ve always dreamt of, otherwise, I’ll continue my training as a teacher, which I’m honestly not looking forward to doing anymore. The school system in Germany has changed drastically in the last years, and teachers are constantly overworked – but, well, even a wizard needs money.


As you can see, I love the Harry Potter books, but before I wanted to be a wizard an author, I wanted to be a musician. Playing the guitar in a band was my dream, but my parents didn’t like music, so I started playing late and never became really ‘good’ (Whatever good means…) . Nevertheless, I still enjoy it – or rather, I’ve started to enjoy it again. But that’s another story.

Favourite music(ians):  36 CrazyFists, Brand New, Die Ärzte, Drake Bell, Guns’n’Roses, Janus, Johnny Cash, Journey, Marillion, Radiohead, Stereophonics, The Clash, … and musicals. I love musicals: The Lion King, Dance of the Vampires, Dracula, Beauty and the Beast — they are all great.

Favourite books: Harry Potter series, Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Hardy, A Little Life, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Foer, City of Glass by Auster, Hamlet by Shakespeare, The Complete Maus by Spiegelman, Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, The Name of the Wind + Wise Man’s Fear by Rothfuss, All Quiet on the Western Front by Remarque, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Dahl, Johnny Got His Gun by Trumbo


Things, I’m dreaming of:

  1. Being happy. You know, just write my books, find a nice man and finally be part of a family, my cat becoming the oldest and healthiest cat alive, travel around a bit, eat chocolate, work out, meet some friends, and see the world.
  2. Travelling alot.
  3. play in a band 
  4. be part of a play √
  5. 11635268_800Write a play.
  6. Attending a creative writing course
  7. Travelling to another country to see my favourite band. √
  8. Gibson Les Paul Studio HP 2017 BCHB If I wrote a successful book, I’d buy this beauty. I’ve been in love with this kind of guitars for solid 12 years now. And one day, I’ll own one.
  9. My own library. I’d love to read more good books and own them. A lot of the contemporary books are, well, for the toilet and it’s really hard to find quality literature nowadays. A good mix of unique characters, witty plots, and wonderful prose.
  10. own a pet 
  11. paying off my student’s loan


So that’s enough about me. If you want to chat about books or music, or if I should review your book, just write me:



– Lo




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